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A smile with yellow stains can negatively impact your self-confidence and self-image. Fortunately, Dr. Nathan Muaina offers the most effective and innovative teeth whitening treatments to return a shine to your smile. With one in-office appointment or a prescribed take-home kit, you can whiten your smile by several shades with no side effects. To restore your smile’s glow, call or schedule online today.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

Why are my teeth stained or discolored?

As you age, normal wear and tear deteriorate your tooth enamel, the outer, white layer of your teeth. This natural process causes the yellow surface below to become more prominent, detracting from the shine of your smile.

Another common reason for discoloration or stains is consuming foods and beverages known to cause these problems, including:

  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Berries
  • Sugary foods and chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Tomato sauce
  • Red wine

Poor oral hygiene habits, such as neglecting to brush and floss regularly, also cause tooth discoloration.

How does teeth whitening treatment work?

Southern Hills Dental provides two forms of teeth whitening to improve your smile. If you have about one hour or less, a quick and incredibly effective in-office whitening treatment can drastically improve the appearance of your teeth.

At your in-office whitening appointment, you wear a tray containing a bleaching agent that breaks up the concentration of stains on your teeth, making them several shades whiter.

The second option is a take-home kit that includes custom trays and whitening solutions that Dr. Muaina prescribes. This kit lets you easily maintain the results of your in-office treatment or whiten your teeth at home. Dr. Muaina creates a treatment plan that includes how often and long you must wear your trays to achieve optimal whitening results.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

Teeth whitening brightens your teeth, but your results only last if you take proper care of your teeth. Dr. Muaina recommends minimal consumption of the foods and beverages that cause tooth stains and scheduling appointments for your regular cleanings and checkups.

When you combine those recommendations with regular brushing and flossing, your teeth whitening results should last for one to several years.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. When a professional like Dr. Muaina performs in-office teeth whitening or prescribes a take-home kit, there’s nothing to worry about. In some cases, you may experience mild discomfort from tooth sensitivity following teeth whitening, but this side effect typically subsides very quickly.

To touch up your smile, call or use the online booking tool and schedule a teeth whitening appointment today.